Words of Power

Sara Perez – Coordinator of Community Relations, Read2Win

"My coach helps me with my words and cares about me." These are words spoken by one of our first graders at ML Phillips elementary school supported by Watermark Church in Fort Worth, TX. I have spent time at several schools speaking with the children involved with Read2Win!, and the overall picture is clear – they describe their coach in the same statement and sentiment each and every time, which is that of being lovingly supportive and encouraging. As we wrap up our third official year with Read2Win!, the churches and volunteers involved can say they have not missed God’s open window of opportunity to assist in shaping the minds and hearts of our youth. Volunteers not only delivered, they strengthened, educated and conveyed passion for what they did. They demonstrated this passion with so much love that school administrators, teachers and the children they assist could not help but take notice. There is still so much to be done and so many opportunities to help our children succeed, but all of us involved with Read2Win! can say we will continue to do our small – but integral – part speaking words of truth and love until we make sure that no child is left without being helped and cared for.

Read 2 Win

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