2014/2015 - Another Great Read2Win School Year!

Sultan Cole – Director of Program Development

Thank you FWISD and the Adopt-A-School partners of Read2Win! We have wrapped up another successful year and we are so grateful that you stayed with it. You are the real heroes that make it happen so we have complied a number of video testimonials from our children, volunteer reading coaches, and teachers which we have shared on our Facebook page at and on our website at Read2Win.org under videos.

The children shout, "Thank you Read2Win!" The volunteers are sharing how their lives are being touched and the teachers are so thankful because Read2Win! students are more engaged in the learning process. We were able to pair 41 Adopt-A-School partners with 34 elementary schools. Our goal for the 2015-2016 school year is to add at least six more elementary schools bringing our total to 40 campuses and increase our potential to assist 800 students. Next year we will also implement our easy to teach 28-week lesson plan that will create synergy and make the sessions more fluid and productive for both the volunteer and the children.

We ask that you continue to pray for the children that God has allowed our lives to impact. We demonstrate our faith and the love of Christ through our works and God is glorified. Thank you again to our Read2Win! TEAM! Great Years to come!

Read 2 Win

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