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Jeff Sanders - Executive Director

Should we be more or less involved in culture? Can a Christian go into politics? If so how does one conduct themselves in that arena? Should we try to transform culture or withdraw by homeschooling our kids? Should we create a distinctive Christian counter culture? What are the duties of the local church in regards to poverty? To government? These are not always easy questions to answer, but Tarrant NET has always acted upon the predisposition that "transformed people, transform culture."

In my seminary days I grappled with H Richard Niebuhr's book Christ and Culture. At the time it was mostly academic, but now I find myself wrestling with this book on many levels as I interact with different churches and Christian people. The author Neibuhr assigned 5 paradigms to how Christians see Christ interacting with Culture:

  1. Christ against Culture
  2. Christ of Culture
  3. Christ above Culture
  4. Christ and Culture in Paradox
  5. Christ the Transformer of Culture

Needless to say there is much more to each of these than what can be discussed here. So we ask the question, how have people tried to apply the Christian faith to culture?

Some adhere to the idea that Christians should pull away from culture and defend themselves against the tide of secular culture. Others try to synthesize Christianity and the culture around them and in many respects have no discernible characteristics from the culture. Some, separate the sacred and the secular in a way that allows one to live in two distinct worlds.

How about your life? Are you allowing Christ to transform the culture around you? I hope you and your church will join us this fall as we challenge our culture to "Explore God."

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